Poor Little Book

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Poor Little Book is a story-poem about a little book that is sad and blue because he has been left on the shelf. The modern world is full of gadgets since the radio waves were discovered to serve for more than one purpose, leaving poor little book aside and full of dust.

Nowadays children play with tablets, smart-phones, and TV, screen- games as well as reading ebooks, which take the place of normal books.

 Poor Little Book has the mission to “recruit” the readers and make them aware of their importance.

 A book has to be felt with all the senses, not just with a virtual reality screen.

Our eye-sight sense is losing capacity to focus properly due to training the eye to watch screens all day, every day for many years. This is very harmful for youngsters. A child forms his concepts from when he comes into this world, forming cognitive knowledge through what he perceives since he is a baby. If he includes too many screen images from before he can read, he will have a distorted sense of real natural world leading towards distorted physics. This will influence his learning capacity at school and for the rest of his life, not mentioning problems with his eyesight. There has been a recent article about the harmful side effects from addiction to violent video games. His perception of the world will be impaired and so will his judgement be too.


There is a magic fusion between the reader and the book that cannot be compared to any other experience, from the words to the soul´s interpretation. This is when the book comes to life!

 Can a movie or a video do this? It leaves no room for imagination, (just what the director wants to tell us):

 No it is already:”cooked, eaten & digested for you ….it doesn´t come alive !!

Another important fact is that books last for hundreds & thousands of years. How old is the “oldest” book known?

 Have you ever heard of a PC a hundred years old? Or nay other gadget for that matter?


a CD 200 years old ?

A USB 400 years old ?

And the manufactures ensure that their life´s spans are short too!

So there are many justifiable reasons for books and their existence. Let´s all make an effort to keep them alive! In keeping them alive , we keep ourselves alive !!

POOR LITTLE BOOK ‘s face on the last cover lacks a SMILE, so you can draw your very own smile. There is a video in the TEACHER’S RESOURCES section with some useful ideas.



 A book has to be touched, handled, smelt, listened to as a page is turned. I has to be respected, and the potential inside is described in my poem/story.

  “Books, they love anyone who opens them !”       Maggie in “Ink Heart”


Poor Little Book

es un cuento-poema sobre un libro pequeñito que está triste y azul porque ha quedado en el estante. El mundo moderno está lleno de DISPOSITIVOS ELECTRÓNICOS dejando el pobre libro a un lado y lleno de polvo.

Hoy en día los niños juegan con tablets, teléfonos inteligentes,  video- juegos  y  televisión, así como leer libros electrónicos, que ocupan el lugar de los libros normales.

 Pobre Little Book tiene la misión de "reclutar" a los lectores y hacerlos conscientes de su importancia.

 Un libro tiene que ser sentido con todos los sentidos, no sólo con una pantalla de realidad virtual. Nuestro sentido del ojo-vista está perdiendo la capacidad de centrarse correctamente debido al entrenamiento del ojo para mirar las pantallas todo el día, cada día por muchos años. Esto es muy dañino para los jóvenes.

( Veáse: What is Reality? David Eagleman, BBC 2016) 

Hay una fusión mágica entre el lector y el libro que no se puede comparar con ninguna otra experiencia, desde las palabras hasta la interpretación del alma.

 ¡Esto es cuando el libro recobra vida!

¿Puede una película o un video hacer esto? No, ya es: "cocinado, comido y digerido " ....

No deja espacio para la imaginación, (sólo el punto de vista del director).

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