Patt Skinner's Books

Patt Skinner wishes to share her new collection of original water-colour illustrated poem books with the world.


Her little books are full of life and some include interesting facts to learn and pursue further if desired.

She loves to write rhymes because they feel like music, and they sound beautiful!


A human´s brain tends to remember things learnt in a rhyme far better. If we add an image to it, the memory builds and instant record of what it has experienced. It is one of the best recipies for learning.


She also desires the public to realize the importance of REAL books and they way the new generations are finding something so magical obsolete, with her original captivating stories.


All her books include an audio not only for the pleasure of listening to her narration, but to learn correct British pronunciation. Most of her books include an original song or chant to wrap up the context of the book in a aesthetic "bow".

Some of which Patt has shared on youtube.


This is why her art and music are essential to her poetry. Touching a real book is also a key feeling to enhance what reading is all about.






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